Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh No Not Again….

Our Carpet Snake friend has returned, poor Houdini is starting to get a

"Why Me Complex".

After two days the snake now named Snakey by my kids has honoured us again. Once again out came a pillow case only this time our kookaburra Spike decided to come and visit while we were removing the snake. Imagine the Kookaburra wanting to attack the Snake and Houdini screeching get that damn thing off my cage and our dog trying to help us to catch it.

Again decisions what do we do, concerned that neigbours in our street aren’t nature lovers we don’t want to see anything bad happen to it. The gentleman on one side of us would have killed it on sight he hates everything involving mother nature including trees. Another neighbour is petrified by snakes we found this out when our cat who has long since passed away decided he would take him a souvenir of his hunting ability you guessed it a snake. He squelled like a girl until I came to the rescue.

Deciding once again to return him to the creek area just down from us this time we walked another kilometre from where we left him last time and off the beaten track.
Two days to arrive back last time…How long until he comes back again?

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