Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

CLEANING UP AND OUT....I Forgot About These

I found my 1991 trading cards to mark the 25 Anniversary of Star Trek. There are 309 in the series of which I have 306.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schools back Yeah.....

Mid Year break of two weeks is over for my kids. My daughter Grace (11) and my son Alex (9) have had me on my toes for the last 2 weeks with the line “I’m bored ringing out at least 10 times a day”

Keeping them both occupied and happy can be a challenge Grace is an outdoors and active kid, her brother Alex is a couch potato finding the balance keeps me challenged. There is a reason for Alex preferring the couch and indoor activities he was born with Spina Bifida and has a clubbed foot and extreme hyper mobility which limits him in his physical activity, No contact sports nothing with too much walking unless mum is prepared to carry him after a while and at 9 years old and me been 5 foot nothing its beginning to be little tricky.

With everything available to children these days like Computers, Play stations, DS, DVD’s they have no idea how to amuse themselves. So left to mum I put a ban on all electronics for 24 hours “WHAT?” rang out, I applied it to myself also no computer, emails etc. Now what.....Breaking out the old faithful board games from the cupboard stacking them on the coffee table they stood towering over us (Not a one required a battery). I have always had games around the house but some on this lot hadn’t seen the light of day since I was a child.

I was soon to discover that Alex would be an unforgiving land lord bankrupting his sister in Monopoly, switching to Battleship he sunk the entire fleets of anyone he challenged. "Mum he’s got to be cheating" rang out. For harmony I sat and watched them play a game... No Cheating next up Chess and more fighting, Alex winning again and challenging two adult visitors winning over one. Connect Four was a winner for Grace she beat him. They enjoyed playing the games so much that they spent the next couple of days working their way through the pile of games, with mum the umpire stepping in to settle arguements and explain the rules.

But alas the School and After School routine starts again....